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  • Sire and Son, and Sire and Son complete Tevis Cup together!
  • Kathie Perry finishes her 24th Tevis Cup!
  • Jeremy Reynolds Wins Fourth Tevis Cup
  • Nominated list FEI World Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors 2021 announced
  • Team John Henry Goes For Buckle #6
  • Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments Win 2021 Tevis Cup; Jeanette Mero and Ozark Kaolena SWA Win Haggin Cup
  • Meet My Endurance Horse: Al-Marah Triple Speed
  • Daylight in Vermont:The Covid Edition.
  • After helping prep Western States Trail, Auburn man will compete in Tevis Cup
  • Great Britain: ‘The hardest day of my life’: 1,000-mile two-horse trek
  • Suzanne Hayes is Repeat Winner of the 2021 Big Horn 100 Endurance Ride
  • 2021 Big Horn 100 - Lauren Coziah
  • Wyoming: Fun and Fellowship Among Horsefolks

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    Sire and Son, and Sire and Son complete Tevis Cup together!

    It was equine family day at this year’s Tevis Cup.

    Lindsay Fisher rode 23-year-old Bucephalos (Dexter) beside his 19-year-old son Monk, ridden by Nancy Martin. It was Lindsay’s 8th Tevis completion, and Dexter’s first Tevis attempt and finish. It was Nancy’s first 100 miler, and Monk’s 6th Tevis completion (and he and Lindsay won the Haggin Cup in 2019). And it was maybe his slowest ride ever :)

    Lindsay said the start was quite interesting for Monk, who had his nose buried in Dexter’s tail, as Monk is used to going quite a bit faster. Lindsay said, “Monk is not an easy ride and the poor gal [Nancy] kept a huge smile on her face all day even when Monk was trying to run away with her from foresthill to the finish!!! What a tough woman!!!”

    The other family finishing together (within 5 minutes of the Monk gang) were Sirii Berg aboard the 16-year-old stallion HCC Elessar (Monster), beside his 7-year-old son HCC Tetherow Joe (Jojo), ridden by Sara Anderson. Both are owned by Kristen Grace, who happened to ride along and finish on Monster’s brother, 16-year-old HCC Symbol (Bingo).

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    Kathie Perry finishes her 24th Tevis Cup!

    Tevis Cup Dispatches

    Kathie Perry finished this one on 14-year-old Arabian Cowbboy Bob. It's Bob's 4th Tevis buckle and 2nd with 77-year-old Kathie. She's one of our Endurance Legends!

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    Jeremy Reynolds Wins Fourth Tevis Cup

    Thehorse.com - Full Article

    Excessive heat and smoke from wildfires challenged participants in the 2021 ride.

    Posted by Marsha Hayes | Jul 26, 2021

    At 10:03 p.m. PDT, Saturday July 24, Jeremy Reynolds on his bay Arabian mare, Treasured Moments, crossed the finish line of the 65th Tevis Cup ride to claim his fourth victory. He finished an hour and 10 minutes before the second-place horse, VA Blizzard of Oz, ridden by Chistorph Schork.

    “This win is special for me,” Reynolds said moments after Treasure successfully passed her final veterinary examination. “I’ve had her forever. She is a piece of me.”

    Reynolds and Treasure ran near the front early in the race.

    Reynolds arrived at Foresthill with Suzanne Huff on her bay Arabian mare, S D Expressa. Although Huff left the one-hour hold two minutes before Reynolds, during the last 32 miles, Reynolds pulled ahead. “Basically, ‘Treasure’ pulled on me all the way from Foresthill,” he said...

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    Nominated list FEI World Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors 2021 announced

    Endurance-world.com - Full Article

    16th July 2021

    Ermelo, the Netherlands. Friday 16 July 2021.

    The nominated entry list for FEI World Endurance Championship Young Riders and Juniors is now closed. The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday 9 September 2021.

    A total of 115 athletes and 140 horses are on the nominated list.

    The FEI Emergency Board Resolution on 24 March 2021 suggested to “increase the number of Nominated Entries for Horses and Athletes from 10 Athletes and 14 Horses to 15 Athletes and 15 Horses (i.e. 15 combinations).” This condition was a modification of the FEI General Regulations.

    It is worth noting that no National Federation signified disapproval by the deadline of 24 April 2021. This FEI Board Resolution was therefore final...

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    Team John Henry Goes For Buckle #6

    Many of you are following the John Henry saga. This 21-year-old Tennessee Walker, beloved by so many, had 5 Tevis buckles, over 4000 AERC miles, a catastrophic pasture front-leg injury, a long healing process, an amazing comeback-to-endurance journey, and Saturday‘s attempt at a record (for a gaited horse) sixth Tevis buckle. Jenni Gomez had the ride on Susan Garlinghouse’s gelding, and Team John Henry turned out in full support...

    they crossed the finish line in Auburn...

    but alas, due to Tevis Gremlins, they were overtime so he did not get a completion.

    so close, and yet so heartbreakingly far!

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    Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments Win 2021 Tevis Cup; Jeanette Mero and Ozark Kaolena SWA Win Haggin Cup

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
    July 26 2021

    Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments finished first in the August 24th Tevis Cup. Riding at the front of the pack of 133 riders, the two enjoyed a comfortable margin of victory at the end, finishing the 100 miles in 14 hours 48 minutes.

    Second place was a nail-biter, as 3 riders popped up trail out of the dark 1 hour and 10 minutes later, with Christoph Schork and VA Blizzard of Oz nipping Vicki Holzer and SW Majestica, with Susan Kramer and A Ali Aseel another length back in fourth.

    Suzanne Ford Huff and S D Expressa had been running up front with Jeremy leaving the Foresthill vet check, but they dropped back to finish fifth.

    Finishing sixth and seventh were the mother-daughter duo of Jeanette and Reyna Mero. Jeanette rode Ozark Kaolena SWA (Lena) and Reyna rode Chndakas Eklipse SWA, with Lena receiving the Haggin Cup the next morning.

    Jeremy is now a 4-time Tevis Cup winner (he also won the Haggin Cup 3 times previously)...

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    Meet My Endurance Horse: Al-Marah Triple Speed

    By Merri Melde-Endurance.net

    Al-Marah Triple Speed, aka “Ace”
    8-year-old Arabian gelding
    Owned by Suzanne Hayes

    By Al Marah Swift X Al-Marah Tripoli, by AM Ben Dream

    500 AERC miles
    50 LD miles
    1st place 2021 Big Horn 100

    Suzanne Hayes, of Arlee, Montana, used to ride Al-Marah horses in endurance. When Bazy Tankersley (who founded Al- Marah Arabians in 1941 focusing on Crabbet lines) died, Jerry Hamilton, Bazy’s long-time employee who continued to manage her Arizona ranch after her death, contacted Suzie. 

    “They had 37 two-, three-, and four-year-olds in a pasture,” Suzie said, “and he wanted me to come down and pick one out. So I took Lynn [Lee, Suzie’s neighbor and long-time riding friend] with me, and the first one I picked out was Ace. Jerry said, ‘You can’t have him. I’m going to give him to my wife.’

    Instead, Suzie picked out another one for herself and one for Lynn. The next day, Jerry’s wife asked Suzie which horse was her favorite. “I said, ‘It’s the one that Jerry was going to give to you,’ and she said ‘Oh, you can have him, there’s a lot of other horses for me!’” So Suzie ended up bringing 3 Al-Marah horses home, including Ace, who was 3 at the time...

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    Daylight in Vermont:The Covid Edition.

    July 18 2021

    The traditional Vermont 100 weekend hosted a 25 and 50 mile ride AERC endurance ride. WE had TWO amazing runners join us to celebrate how special and unique this event is. WE ARE THE last combined run and ride!. Thank you Krista and Guy. I spoke to them at the finish line and they were smiling and not even winded!! They ran to show the spirit of the Vermont 100 and to support VASS and to just be who they amazingly are!! You ROCK Krista and Guy. The REAL Vermont 100 will be back in 2022. Stay tuned!

    Pamela J. Karner, V.M.D.


    After helping prep Western States Trail, Auburn man will compete in Tevis Cup

    GoldCountryMedia.com - Full Article

    After helping prep the Western States Trail, Auburn's Greg Kimler will compete in the Tevis Cup

    Bill Poindexter
    July 18 2021

    Greg Kimler pulls up a photo of a fallen tree on his cell phone. It’s in Volcano Canyon on the Western States Trail – a week before the Tevis Cup.

    So if 163 teams (to this point) of horses and riders are to challenge “the world’s best-known and most difficult equestrian endurance ride,” according to the website teviscup.org, “I gotta hike in there and get it,” he says.

    Kimler and his team at Echo Valley Ranch in Auburn will be doing much more than removing trees from the trail during a summer heavy in drought and beetles. Having been involved in the Tevis Cup for 38 years, the business will supply 80 100-gallon troughs for water on the course, certified weed-free hay, trucks. Echo Valley will make deliveries to the Gold Country Fairgrounds and provide information to the teams...

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    Great Britain: ‘The hardest day of my life’: 1,000-mile two-horse trek

    Horseandhound.co.uk - Full Article

    Sarah Radford
    18 July, 2021 16:21

    A solo rider is hoping to become the first person to trek the length of Britain with two horses.

    Elsa Kent, 22, has embarked on the 1,000-mile journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End in an attempt to introduce environmental education into the school curriculum, as well as raise money for other environmental projects.

    The health and human sciences graduate is now nearly 300 miles into her mission, accompanied by 17-year-old quarter horse Rosie, who she has owned since a foal, and seven-year-old part-bred Welsh mare Summer, who she bought just two weeks before the trip.

    She was inspired to undertake the journey by family friend James Greenwood, who spent 10 years riding across the world...

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    Suzanne Hayes is Repeat Winner of the 2021 Big Horn 100 Endurance Ride

    July 18 2021
    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net

    On July 10 (actually, the wee hours of July 11), the familiar face of Suzanne Hayes landed in this year’s Big Horn 100 winner’s circle again. But instead of riding one of her older, experienced campaigners (both Sanstormm, last year’s winner, and Greenbriar Al Jabal, 2012 winner, are headed to Tevis this year), she rode one of her young horses to the win.

    Considered one of the toughest 100-mile endurance rides in the country, Suzie thinks the Big Horn, in the mountains above Shell, Wyoming, is just perfect for a horse’s first 100. She rode her 8-year-old Arabian gelding, Al-Marah Triple Speed ("Ace") in his first 100-mile ride. The win was just cake icing.

    “It’s perfect because you have to go slow,” Suzie explains. “To me it’s a very metabolically kind course for a horse. Because of the footing - there’s a lot of rocks - you just can’t go very fast. And there’s tons and tons of grass for the horses to eat, so to me it’s a really good course for a first time. You can go to the flat 100-mile courses and you can you gallop the whole way, but to me those are way harder on a horse….”

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    2021 Big Horn 100 - Lauren Coziah

    by Lauren Coziah

    We did it! We finally FINALLY did it! I think it’s actually starting to sink in the enormity of what Cora Lane and I accomplished in completing the infamous Big Horn 100 Endurance Ride. To be quite honest, I didn’t think we’d even make it through the vetting in the night before, let alone finish the ride. Ever since City of Rocks the beginning of June, Cora and I have been plagued with gremlins. I’ll leave all those fun little details out so as not to bore the non-horsey folks out there, but I can see my horse friends in the back ground nodding slowly in solidarity. All y’all know all the things that can and do go wrong and boy did they.

    Anyway, we vetted-in the evening prior with all A’s on our card and a few scribbles noting Cora’s apparent new bug allergy (😳😭🤷🏼‍♀️) and then sat in on a rather entertaining ride meeting where the particulars of the trail and expectations from the vets were shared. If any of my riding buddies ever get the opportunity to go to a ride where Dr. Irena’s vetting, do it. The woman is hilarious. Serious and a no-nonsense vet, but hi-larious. Afterwards, we finished packing everything on the crewing list into the truck and headed to bed around 9:30. Praise the good Lord for unusually cool weather in Shell that let us get a couple hours of decent sleep.

    3:00 AM—Get up, dressed, Pooper Pony fed and saddled and to the start.

    4:00 AM—Trail opens and I hear Karen B calling my name in the dark. She and I start out together across the desert in hopes that our horses will start quietly and reasonably.

    4:01 AM—Pooper Pony Cora Lane gives a little chubby mama rodeo which is quickly ended with a swat to her backside.
    (I’m thankful these episodes are really uncommon)…

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    Wyoming: Fun and Fellowship Among Horsefolk

    TetonValleyNews.net - Full Article

    By Michael Mulligan for Get Out Magazine
    Jul 14, 2021

    Horsewomen and horsemen of the Valley, including die-hard mule devotees, can now claim membership in a chapter of the national organization of the Back Country Horsemen. Founded in 1973, this group thrives in 32 states and is dedicated to perpetuating the commonsense use and enjoyment of horses in America’s backcountry and wilderness. BCH works to ensure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use and assists the agencies responsible for the management of public lands in meeting their goals. Members volunteer to clear and repair trails and to undertake projects such as building pathways and bridges to protect wetlands. Devoted to “leave no trace” principles, BCH and the Teton Valley chapter are committed to keeping our backcountry and wilderness lands wild. This past summer, in conjunction with the Forest Service, members of TVBCH restored parts of three different wilderness trails and linked arms and loppers with HAPI Trails to clear their riding trail. Experts also partnered with HAPI Trails to offer a day of instruction to members and the public on how to pack and camp with stock.

    Teton Valley is a historical stronghold of Western horsemanship. In recent years, though, our Valley has experienced exceptional growth: an explosion of home construction and home rentals; the building of several golf courses; burgeoning interest in bicycling both on the roads and in the backcountry; the advent of electric bikes, as well as the long popular use of motorized two- and four-wheelers...

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