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  • Santa Cruz California Fall Endurance Riding Clinic
  • 2021 Fort Valley - Nancy Sluys
  • The BLM is in process of rounding up about half of Wyoming's wild horses in Sweetwater County
  • 2021 Hunting for Big Foot Endurance ride photos in Mississippi by Jessica Jones, Unbridled Imagery
  • Home is where the horse is for Veterinarian Yvette Nout
  • "Slightly Broken," Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100
  • 2021 October's Horses in the Morning Podcast
  • Jordanian Endurance Trainer Doping Suspension
  • 2021 Virginia City 100 - Jay Mero
  • Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100 to Earn 23rd Buckle
  • 2021 Lava Cast Endurance ride photos in Oregon by Alex & David Lewis, Dream Team Photography
  • Man and horse travel 2,500 miles from California to Kentucky
  • Junior Olivia Valtierra Claims Idaho IronHorse Title

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    Santa Cruz California Fall Endurance Riding Clinic

    Saturday, Nov 20, 20219:00 – 4:30

    Santa Cruz County Horsemen’s Assn Showgrounds
    1251 Graham Hill Road, Santa Cruz CA 95060.
    Sponsored by SCCHA & Quicksilver Endurance Riders

    Have you ever wanted to learn more about what it takes to compete in 25- or 50-mile endurance riding events? Join us for this fun and educational clinic to learn how to get started, or how to step up your game if you are new to the sport.

    Whether you are a competitor at heart or are looking for a sport for your entire family, endurance riding has something for everyone. Endurance riding combines the opportunity of riding a challenging course with your equine partner with the camaraderie of camping and socializing with people who share your interests. In this full day clinic, you will learn • How to condition and care for your equine partner
    • What the rules are at endurance events sanctioned by AERC
    • What happens on the day of the ride
    • Setting up a conditioning program
    • How to gauge your horse’s fitness and set goals
    • Tack and accessories to consider
    • Feeding and supplementation for the endurance athlete
    • How to pace your horse in an endurance ride

    This clinic will be held at the lovely Santa Cruz County Horseman’s Association Showgrounds. We have shaded outdoor stalls for your horse to stay in, and the clinic fee includes one night of camping – your choice of Friday or Saturday night. Your instructors for the day will be several very experienced endurance riders who, together, have tens of thousands of miles of competitive experience in the sport. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and trail riding in small groups, we will help you increase your knowledge and skills so that you can successfully complete endurance rides with a healthy and happy horse

    Cost: $50, which includes the full day clinic, lunch, and camping for you and your horse; OR $15 for the lecture and demonstrations, and lunch. We welcome all riders from any discipline, and their horses (unless auditing). For more information, contact Jill Kilty-Newburn at mail@knfarms.com or Debbie Boscoe at debbieboscoe@gmail.com.

    We are limited to 25 riders so don’t wait! For registration and payment, use this link:

    2021 Fort Valley - Nancy Sluys

    by Nancy Sluys

    Sometimes things work out different than we had planned. After cancelling Danny's entry to the South Mountains Ride because he is having a hoof issue I thought my ride plans for the weekend were a bust. When the weatherman predicted a perfect fall weekend I decided at the last minute to change my tact and headed up to the Fort Valley Endurance Ride in Virginia with my little home bred girl, Summer (Nancy's Summer Dance). Her dam is my NATRC National Championship mare Shady Rock Rose and her sire is Don and Nicki Meuten's Stetson CD. She has only ever done 25s and CTRs but I decided to take a chance that she could finish the 50. I bred and raised her in hopes that she would be my next endurance star but bad luck along the way sidelined us several times over the years preventing us from reaching our goals. Now at age 14 she is mature and strong and hasn't had a mishap in several years so the odds seemed to be in our favor.

    Fort Valley is a tough mountain ride, made even tougher by the reintroduction of the Indian Graves Trail (second loop of the 50) that had been taken out of the ride for the past 6 years after becoming impassible due to severe storm damage. Indian Graves was infamous for it's long, steep climb that ended with a series of rock steps that horses had to leap up to navigate. Exciting but somewhat dangerous. A while back a crew of hardy souls camped out for several days, packing in equipment like sledge hammers and hammer drills and such and busted up the rocks, opening up and fixing the trail so we can once again enjoy it's exciting beauty and making it much safer. I am in awe at the superhuman feats it must have taken to make that happen!!! Thanks Pete Godwin, Mike Cleveland, Janice Heltibridle and others!!!!

    Summer started the ride feeling good and strong and I was glad for the mountain we had to climb right away to give her mind and body something to think about instead of trying to race the horse in front of her and wasting too much energy. She got right into the groove and right down to work, marching up the mountain and when we took the right hand turn onto the Milford Gap Trail the sun was just coming over the mountain creating a golden light that we rode towards. We hooked up with a couple of other riders, Tom Hagis and Terri Carroll and we completed the first 19 loop in a conservative timeframe. Summer vetted through with all As and set about eating all she could find at our vet area…

    Read the rest here:

    The BLM is in process of rounding up about half of Wyoming's wild horses in Sweetwater County

    WyomingPublicMedia.org - Full Article

    Wyoming Public Radio | By Kamila Kudelska
    Published October 21, 2021 at 11:38 AM MDT

    Former President Donald Trump announced a goal to decrease the amount of western wild horses by the end of the fiscal year 2022. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is following this plan by capturing roughly 4,300 wild horses living in southwestern Wyoming.

    This reduces the state's wild horse population by about 45 percent. The BLM said these management efforts are needed because the landscape can't sustain the number of horses. But Grace Kuhn with the American Wild Horse Campaign disagrees.

    "In actuality, the number of cattle and sheep in [the] federally designated wild horse habitat vastly exceeds the number of wild horses," said Kuhn...

    Read more here:

    2021 Hunting for Bigfoot Endurance ride photos in Mississippi by Jessica Jones, Unbridled Imagery


    Home is where the horse is for Veterinarian Yvette Nout

    TheFencePost.com - Full Article

    October 28 2921

    By age 10, little Yvette Nout had already lived in several countries including South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Her father, a food microbiologist studying African food processes for a private company also had a working relationship with academia.

    Throughout all the family’s many moves, faithfully traveling with young Nout was a deepening love for horses. When she was 7, she began taking riding lessons from an English woman in Kenya. Sitting upon that first pony, “Brownie,” the child felt totally at home, regardless the country in which she lived.

    When she was 10 and settled into her new location in The Netherlands (where her ancestral roots were planted), she continued with weekly lessons. When that schedule proved too infrequent for her, she mucked out stalls and did others horsey chores in trade for more classes. Eventually she worked at a riding camp saddling, grooming and leading younger children on rides...

    Read more here:

    "Slightly Broken," Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100

    Broken ribs? Banged up knee and ankle? Lost stirrups in the gallop in the dark to the finish line? No problem for veteran rider Nicole Wertz in the Virginia City 100

    October 22 2021
    By Merri Melde-Endurance.net

    Two weeks before Nicole Wertz and All For You were to attempt Nicole’s 23rd Virginia City 100 finish, it looked doubtful that they’d even reach the starting line in front of the Delta Saloon.

    Nicole’s 13-year-old mare All For You (“Tinga”) had a metabolic pull in her first 50-mile start in May of 2021.

    In her second start two weeks prior to Virginia City, Tinga got hung up in a gate three miles into a 50-miler when Nicole’s stirrup got caught; it ripped Nicole’s leg and she eventually fell off onto a pile of rocks, breaking three ribs, hurting her knee and ankle, while Tinga ran off for two hours.

    The obvious solution would have been to call it a day, but once Nicole caught her horse and had the vets thoroughly check her out and give her the all-clear, Nicole climbed back on Tinga for a 38-mile training ride. “She needed a good workout; she was going to VC!” Nicole laughed.

    Tinga was the horse Nicole thought she could win VC on. “I won it in 2013, but it was a tie. So my goal was always, if I had the right horse, and the right setup, I would try to win it for real.”

    Nicole took a (whole) week off from riding, then took Tinga on a test ride six days before VC. “Just to make sure I could ride balanced enough, and think that I could do a hundred miles. Yeah - that’s right - ride 100 miles slightly broken. But us endurance people are tough.”

    Hence she and Tinga made it to the starting line in downtown Virginia City, Nevada, at 5:00 AM on Saturday, October 16th...

    Read the rest here:

    2021 October's Horses in the Morning Podcast

    Horsesinthemorning podcast - Listen

    Revisit Endurance Day: Endurance for the Clueless Equestrian for 10-12-2021 by Horseware

    Oct 12, 2021

    Revisit: Karen Chaton is joined by Patti Stedman to tell us just about everything we need to know to get through our first Endurance ride. Heather ‘Flash’ Accardo talks about her preparations for the Mongol Derby and common Endurance acronyms are deciphered, plus we make up a few new ones. Listen in...


    Jordanian Endurance Trainer Doping Suspension


    19 Octobrt 2021

    The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decision in two equine anti-doping cases involving a Banned Substance.

    Two horses trained by Khldoon Mohd Al Sayed (FEI ID 10014556/JOR), tested positive for the Banned Substance Strychnine following samples taken at the CEI1*80 – Wadi Rum (JOR), on 14 November 2019.

    The trainer was not able to establish how the Banned Substance entered the system of each horse.

    In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal imposed a three-year suspension on the trainer, deeming that, the same trainer having two horses testing positive at the same event, constituted aggravating circumstances. The period of the provisional suspension of the trainer, which came into effect on 13 January 2020, shall be credited against the period of ineligibility, meaning he will be ineligible until 12 January 2023. The trainer was also fined CHF 7,500 and asked to pay costs of CHF 2,000. The FEI Tribunal also disqualified both athlete and horse combinations from the event...

    More at: http://news.endurance.net/2021/10/jordanian-endurance-trainer-doping.html

    2021 Virginia City 100 - Jay Mero

    October 18 2021
    by Jay Mero

    Virginia City 100 lived up to it’s reputation. Rocks, rocks and more rocks but also lots and lots of climbing and ups and downs.

    We had a rough couple weeks leading up to the ride. Our 3rd mare Stella our friend Chelsea was going to ride decided to skid down some pavement two weeks before and redecorate a front knee. Then Lena struggled with her feet and shoeing, and was lame off and and on, better and then worse, ten days before the ride.  I wasn’t sure we’d be able to fix it in time. Lots of hand wringing. Turns out after much anxiety and diagnosing and shoes taken on and off - fixing one problem, then creating another problem - the last lameness was just a couple close nails on her LF. The problem was there were no other holes to use, so a late Tuesday 4:20 pm call and plea to Riding Warehouse (they were amazing and got the boots to me next day)and I had a new set of big enough Easy Boot gloves to go on over the front shoes to hold everything on since the LF only had 3 nails holding the whole thing on.

    After all that drama things seemed to smooth out. The trip to camp and the pre ride was all easy. It was wild to literally ride through the middle of Virginia City and warm up in a parking lot on Main Street to await ride start at 5 am. ...

    Read the rest at:

    Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100 to Earn 23rd Buckle

    October 18 2021

    Nicole Wertz and All For You crossed the finish line of the Virginia City 100 on Saturday night at 10:39 PM to win the ride, earning her 23rd VC buckle. Kassandra DiMaggio aboard One Sun finished second, also at 10:39, and earned next morning's Best Condition award.

    Nicole also won the VC 100 in 2013 (in a tie with Diane Stevens riding Banderaz LC) riding her one-eyed Friesian cross Golden Knight.

    36 started the 100, with 20 finishing.

    More to come at:

    2021 Lava Cast Endurance ride photos in Oregon by Alex & David Lewis, Dream Team Photography


    Man and horse travel 2,500 miles from California to Kentucky

    WDRB.com - Article & Video

    Dominik Fuhrmann
    Oct 7, 2021 Updated Oct 8, 2021

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If anyone in Louisville saw a guy on a horse going across the Big Four Bridge this week, you weren't imagining things.

    Patrick Sullivan is riding his horse, Gamilah, bareback and bridleless across country.

    "We've traveled 2,400 miles from California to Kentucky here, and we're finishing at the Kentucky Horse Park," he said.

    WDRB Photojournalist Dominik Fuhrmann caught up with Sullivan and his 9-year-old Egyptian Arabian mare while they were passing through Louisville.

    Gamilah is a "liberty horse," which means Sullivan doesn't use ropes, reins, a saddle or a bridle. The horses are trained to choose to work with their rider, and it trains using positive reinforcement or clickers...

    See more here:

    Junior Olivia Valtierra Claims Idaho IronHorse Title

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
    October 15 2021

    11-year-old Endurance rider Olivia Valtierra claimed the 2021 Junior division Idaho IronHorse LD last weekend. This title is awarded to the rider who completes at least nine days of the 3-day City of Rocks Pioneer ride in Almo in June, the 3-day Top o’ the World Pioneer ride near Spencer in July, the 3-day Old Selam Pioneer in Idaho City in August, and the 3-day Autumn Sun Pioneer near Gooding in October. Olivia rode all days of LDs except Old Selam.

    Riding her 19-year-old trusty gelding Tai Bo, Olivia was sponsored on most of the rides by her mom Jessica Valtierra and grandmother Veronica Simpson (these 3 were on the cover of the June Endurance News magazine) and her aunt Lindsay Fisher. She also rode parts of the Top O’ the World trails with Steven Coziah, who, aboard his mustang The Duchess of Beatty’s Butte, earned the senior division title of Idaho IronHorse LD.

    2021 was Olivia’s first year of Endurance riding, completing all 11 of her rides with Tai Bo - watch out for this Junior in the future!